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The Medical Laboratory Scientists Association of Tanzania, is the professional association for Medical Laboratory Scientists, Technologist’s, and Assistant Health Laboratory Technicians/ Technologists in Tanzania.

MeLSAT was registered with the Registrar of societies of Tanzania and inaugurated in 1981. By that time the country was only having about 60 registered Health Laboratory Technologists. Most of them were based in Dar es Salaam and were engaged in teaching, research and a few in diagnostic services.

Our Mission

To advance medical Laboratory Sciences by creating forum for Laboratory professional development with the goal of raising the quality of Health Laboratory data, wether in surveillance or diagnosis of disease for the people of Tanzania.

Our Vision


  1. To promote Medical Laboratory for maintaining the honor and interests of the medical laboratory profession, in order to improve the health standards of Tanzanians.
  2. To establish, develop and maintain the highest standards in clinical laboratory methods and research.
  3. To create mutual understanding and co-operation between those in the Laboratory and all health professionals working in the interests of individual and public health.
  4. To collect and publish any information of services or of interest to members or to public at large.
  5. To ascertain and notify the most up to date practice relating to all things connected with Medical Laboratory Technology/Sciences.
  6. To hold meetings and conferences for presentation of papers and for the discussion of scientific and technical matters and other subjects of general interest to the association.
  7. To become a member of affiliate or amalgamate with any association or company not formed for profit and having objects all together or in similar to those of this Association.
  8. To work in collaboration with Registrars in various Health Laboratory profession matters regarding registration, supervision and control of practices without political influences.
  9. To provide/facilitate training courses and workshops for Laboratory staff in both public and private sectors to upgrade the knowledge and skills for provision of quality services.
To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.


As a professional body MeLSAT has the following strengths.

  1. MeLSAT has a Constitution.
  2. MeLSAT is registered as a professional body in Tanzania since 1981.
  3. MeLSAT is has a large number of experienced Health Laboratory practitioners who are willing to work with her to help meet her goals.
  4. MeLSAT has financial audited reports at the end of each financial year.


  1. More than 1500 Members throughout the country
  2. Five MELSAT zones
  3. Four Regional branches
  4. Eight Years constructively  of organising International Laboratory week commemoration in Tanzania
  5. 32 Years of organising National Laboratory  scientific conference
  6. introduction of online medical laboratory directory
  7. Capacity building to the  Laboratory Practitioners through Continuing Development Education  (CPD) Training

Leadership Team

Leading management that operates MeLSAT

Godfrey Hongoli
PresidentGodfrey Hongoli
Peter Mwevila
Vice PresidentPeter Mwevila
Mary Marcus
Assistant General SecretaryMary Marcus
Mniku Kimori
Assistant TreasurerMniku Kimori




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